Skveresky Distributors

“Path2CRM has certainly been an asset to us. I am pleased with the level of support we have received from them in helping us fill our requirements. Communication has always been quick and professional from their end. It was a pleasure working with them. We look forward to work with them once again and make them a part of our success."
Brian crane , CEO,
Skveresky Distributors


The Challenge

Skveresky Distributor Company needed a CRM solution that would help it manage and monitor the sales challenges that will be able to extend their scope beyond customer tracking by focusing on sales pipeline management.

Our approach

To meet the company requirements we provided them with cost effective, easy-to-use and customized SugarCRM package. The need for the system was spurred by a series of acquisitions which expanded Skveresky’s professional graphics sales force. We ensured that the employees became comfortable with the system and its functionalities. Provided them support and ensured that they achieved quick response in terms of follow-up of leads and closing opportunities.

Key Benefit Areas

CRM system enabled Skveresky to handle the increased number of users while establishing a unified reporting platform. Key benefits achieved include:

  • The focus on sales pipeline allowed sales reps to more accurately make forecasts and test different scenarios.
  • Sales reps can focus on moving potential customers through the sales cycle, while management is able to seamlessly generate reports for revenue projections and other purposes.
  • The results were beyond giving sales reps a tracking tool- the system became platform for tracking order flow through all its stages
  • Can send emails and generate invoices to its client
  • Sales, service and operational tracking and reporting automatically, so every process remains on track.

Key Cost Areas

Company used the new process implementation as an opportunity to plan and streamline the old processes. Training made up for employees to make sure they could effectively adopt the new process.

Lessons Learned

The company found it was able leverage management time by reducing the need to manually monitor various business processes.


A performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or to compare the efficiency of a number of different investments. To calculate ROI, the benefit of an investment is divided by the cost of the investment; the result is expressed as a percentage or a ratio.

Direct benefit returns include cost savings and productivity enhancements lead to an organization-wide improvement. Boosted sales performance and positively impacted their profitability.

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QuoteI am very impressed by the quality of the team working on our project. Apart from the top quality code generation, the team displays a real understanding of our issues and comes to the table with suggestions and ideas that are very impressive.Quote

Stone Bill, President,
Xtree Inc.